Planning your once in a lifetime celebration takes time and effort which often results in hours of stress or worry.
If you are planning a wedding abroad this can become even more difficult due to distance, cultural clashes and language differences.
Together we work around all of this, not only designing a beautiful wedding but also eliminating stress and avoiding mistakes many couples make.
Karolina has extensive experience from working abroad so there is no problem dealing with different cultures and managing issues that may arise when planning destination weddings or elopements.

By working with KWH Weddings you will have someone by your side who is offering warm and friendly support, ensuring you feel relaxed and enjoy the experience every step of the way.  

You will be provided a personal service where every aspect of the process is customised to suit your specific different needs, budget and lifestyle. 


Please note that the prices below are estimates. 

As each wedding is unique in its requirements there are no package prices, instead all services are priced with location, budget and time-frame taken into account. 

It is fully understandable that you want to know what something costs quickly so you will be given a proximate fee at our first consultation and we will agree on a price before signing any contracts.


Your investment is free

  • A friendly chat about your dreams and visions for your wedding

  • Brief guide to the crucial steps of wedding planning

  • Presentation of my services and what I can do for you

Start up kit 

Your investment is from £ 300 / 3.300 kronor

This gives you initial support and some guidance through the process of your wedding planning. It also includes:

  • 1,5 hour meeting to talk about your wedding

  • Brief budget layout

  • A plan of your wedding concept and strategy

  • List of key suppliers and materials

  • Support and guidance during your planning

  • Box of chocolate and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate your exciting journey

Setup and coordination

Your investment is from £ 400 / 4.400 kronor

This is the perfect option if you want to, or have already, planned most of your wedding yourselves.
We will schedule a meeting a couple of weeks before your wedding where you can brief me and hand over the last tasks. After that I will:

  • Be appointed contact for vendors and suppliers

  • Make sure all payments are done or provide you with reminders

  • Schedule suppliers, vendors and staff for the day

  • Be present on the day, approximately 6 hours

  • Oversee setup of your wedding venue

  • Successfully execute your wedding day

  • Support you in everything needed on the day and make sure you have the time of your lives!

Design and styling

Your investment: from £ 300 / 3 300 kronor

This begins with an initial meeting of 2 hours where we think and dream your wedding. I will then:

  • Present you with two mood-boards to choose from

  • Create a concept for your wedding

  • Design the wedding environment with all five senses in mind

  • Develop an itemised list of the elements, flowers and materials needed

  • Support in sourcing and selection of accessories and materials

  • Generate and oversee production team

  • Set up and style on the day

Full planning

Your investment is 10% of wedding budget

This service includes basically everything and is divided into three steps. We will begin with a meeting where I understand your visions, hopes and requirements. Following that I will:


  • Develop your wedding budget

  • Create a strategy plan

  • Source venues together with you

  • Guide and advice you on ceremony options

  • Contact vendors and negotiate with them

  • Select and manage suppliers

  • Create timelines and checklists

  • Support and help with your invitations and stationery

  • Establish and book necessary accommodation

  • Manage travel itineraries and transportation


  • Think and dream your wedding

  • Give you three mood-boards with colour palettes 

  • Create a concept for your wedding

  • Design your wedding environment with all five senses in mind

  • Select materials, flowers and decorations


  • Schedule vendors and staff

  • Order and assemble rentals, decorations and accessories

  • Confirm vendor bookings

  • Be point of contact for all enquiries and issues

  • Provide you with payment reminders

  • Maintain timelines and follow checklists

  • Be present on the day (from appointed time)

  • Oversee setup of your wedding venue

  • Successfully execute your wedding day

  • Help you with breakdown of the venue after the wedding (e.g. make sure all rentals are sent back, collect personal belongings and pack cake or gifts)

This also includes a box of goodies for you to enjoy!