We want your wedding to be perfect while reflecting your personal taste and style.




The goal is to make your fantasy become a reality by guiding you through the endless amounts of choice available today and offering a seamless, bespoke service of the utmost quality, integrity and professionalism.

Planning a special event, no matter how intimate or grand, takes time and effort and often results in hours of stress and worry.
If you are planning a wedding abroad this can become even more difficult due to distance, cultural clashes and language differences.

You will have someone by your side who is offering warm and friendly support, ensuring you feel relaxed and enjoy the experience every step of the way. You will also be provided with extraordinary service where every aspect of the process is customised to suit different needs, budgets and lifestyles.


We always start with a free initial consultation to get to know each other.



You will be provided a trusted and personal service while planning your dream wedding.

We hope to assist, support and guide you with our knowledge, skills and experiences.

It is essential for us to work closely with all couples, venues and suppliers to set a steady foundation and make sure everything goes to plan.

You should have fun, feel relaxed and free to cry, express worries in addition to hopes and know there is always a hand to hold when you are working with KWH Weddings.



All couples are unique and services are tailored according to your requirements.


wedding planning


Executing the perfect wedding day or weekend is all in the organisation, logistics, details and love for the tasks.

Full planning covers all aspects of the event, from location and venue scouting, dealing with vendors, comprehensive administrative work, bookings of accommodation, entertainment and transportation to setup and full supervision on the day itself.  




This is a service that ensures a smooth carrying out if your event and is a great option for all of you who find it fun to organise but don't want to become the hosts on your own biggest day. It gives you the opportunity to do all the work but hand it over a few weeks prior to your day.
You will have us there to ensure everything runs effortless, liaise with venues and vendors, oversee logistics and fix anything unexpected that may occur; giving you the freedom to relax and enjoy every part of your precious day.


design & styling


This service manages the design of your wedding from start to finish.
You receive inspirational mood boards, layout plans and concept ideas designed with all five senses in mind.
Together we find suitable suppliers, choose the right colours, linens, flowers, lights and attire for your ideal wedding and overlook setup of the venue while making sure nothing is missed and putting the final touches in place.


on site setup and supervision


We are present to secure an efficient setup on the day by managing logistics, overseeing the venue and making sure all is in place.
Our job is to be in the background to check everything is going well, deal with any issues should they arise, be on hand to consult for styling and design and be appointed contact for guests, suppliers and staff.




We successfully help you create a budget and manage your expectations by avoiding costly mistakes, giving extensive guidance as to what to prioritise and help in finding alternatives to ideas.
Together with keeping track of the budget we negotiate and set up vendor contracts, take care of payment documentation and administer check-lists, run-sheets, timelines and layout plans.


travel itineraries, visas
AND legalities


Assistance and professional advice is given regarding ceremonial options, marriage certificates and necessary paperwork.
We make sure everything is in place with legalities and visas while also happily support you in bookings and the planning of travels, accommodations, trips and excursions for yourselves and your guests.


venue search


Depending on what you are looking for we will source locations and venues that represent you and your vision. We will give you a selection of venues, attend viewings with check-lists to guarantee all relevant questions are being asked and important information provided.


vendor selection AND MANAGEMENT


We guide you through the endless amounts of choice today and find suitable suppliers for you; our services are bespoke and we suggest suppliers based on your style, requirements and budget.
We will manage bookings and be appointed contact for all vendors  as well as managing the extensive paperwork involved.

It is crucial to have trusted people on your wedding day, and we will work for direct, honest and transparent relationships between you and the suppliers.


Good to know

As each wedding is unique in its requirements there are no package prices, instead all services are priced with location, budget and time-frame taken into account.
We fully understand that you want to know what something costs quickly and we are always upfront with costs; giving you an estimate at our first consultation, agreeing on a price before signing any contracts and having clear agreements so there won’t be any surprises with unexpected or hidden fees.