If you are reading this, chances are you’re engaged, and I would like to start by sending huge


Have you considered hiring someone to help out in the planning of your big day? Are you maybe thinking of getting in touch with a planner but aren't sure what to expect?

I will summarise the process from before that initial phone call all the way up to what happens after, and hopefully, you will be wiser at the end of this post.


Why a planner is a great investment

Planning a wedding is a bigger deal than people expect and without experience, it can be difficult to even know where to start.
An average wedding takes around a whopping 250 hours to plan, so leaving the boring job to someone who knows the industry and has done it before will definitely save you precious time, energy and money.

A professional planner breath weddings and likes nothing more than finding solutions to occurring problems, scouting the markets for new ideas and helping you with the twenty or more vendors involved.

It can also be of great consolidation to know that most planners, myself included, have learnt from mishaps over time and can tell you what works and what doesn't.
The beauty of our job is that we can apply our experience from former trials and errors in a practical way. We are also here to remind you of what to think of, because we are aware of the common things forgotten. 

My job is to make sure your day runs smoothly, take decisions, handle difficult tasks and manage necessary paperwork.
And I guarantee that we  will do all this while also leaving the drama out of it; no family feuds and broken friendships when working with a planner.

If you fully want to enjoy your wedding, and the time leading up to it, hiring a wedding planner or an on-the-day coordinator is the way to go. You will be able to concentrate on the fun parts and find yourself free to only focus on getting married. 

Most venues have an appointed coordinator for events and this is a valuable help with all things related to the venue, however, a wedding planner assists you from beginning to end to bring all aspects of your event together.
The main difference is that an in-house coordinator works for the venue whereas a planner is employed by you. Please read this post to find out the differences, and why having both is beneficial. 

I always propose that all couples consult with a planner before they begin planning.
Take a couple of hours to draw an outline and you will be surprised to find how many things you may not have considered. Take into account that this is better to find out in the beginning than in the end.


So if you want to work with a planner, how does it work?

It starts with us getting in touch and arranging an initial consultation. You can email me at  hello@kwhweddings.com or give me a call on+44 730 55 44 888. Contact information here. 


The initial consultation is a free, no-strings-attached chat which can be held over the phone or by meeting somewhere over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. 

Regardless of location it is possible to work together. Even if I personally think meetings in person are optimal, everything can be discussed and planned via phone, Skype and email if necessary.

We will get to know each other and share information to get a better picture of what your dreams are.

Following the consultation we will book a first real meeting to sit down and properly start talking about your wedding, I usually schedule 2-4 hours for it. Depending on how you feel during this session we decide what kind of work we should do together. 

I am happy to just have a proper go-through, draw up a budget and list your priorities, and then you can go ahead with the rest of the planning yourselves. We can arrange to regularly touch base if you feel like you are in need of some advice or support. 

If you on the other hand decide that a wedding planner is something you want for the whole process we tailor an agreement together. 

We cover the level of communication you wish for, whether you want minimal contact or be in touch frequently and if you hope to take part in every decision or leave it for me to handle.

I’m doing this job because I want to help you, and I want the service I give to be tailored perfectly for your hopes and requirements. 

As each wedding is unique I don’t offer package prices, instead all services are priced and altered with location, budget and time-frame taken into account.
Of course, I fully understand that you want to know what it costs quickly, so I will give you an estimate at our first consultation.
Always being upfront with costs, we will agree on prices before signing the contract and have clear agreements so there won’t be any surprises with unexpected costs or hidden fees.  

 Once we have an agreement everything is going to be about bringing your dreams to life!

Both your dreams and your budget is on my mind all the time, and if something isn’t realistic I will tell you and make alternative suggestions 

I offer a bespoke service, suggesting suppliers based on your style, requirements and budget. I make sure assistance and professional advice is given about ceremony options, marriage certificates and necessary paperwork. I will check everything is in place with legalities,  as well as your visas if you are planning from overseas.

After months of planning I love being there on the day, and unless you ask me not to, my job is to set up, be in the background to ensure all is going well and deal with issues should they arise. I liaise with venue and vendors, oversee logistics and make sure you are relaxed and having fun.


Even if you have been planning the wedding yourselves I highly recommend having a wedding planner or coordinator on the day. 

This means you will be in touch a couple of weeks, or a month, before your wedding day to go through the details and hand over the last minute things. An on-the-day coordinator is there to be the to-go-to person for staff, vendors and guests  who have any questions, issues or demands. 

Your planner or coordinator will be with you for as long as you wish for. I tend to stay up until the middle of dinner and come back later or the day after to make sure breakdown is going well.

Once you have had some time to gather the wonderful memories from your day and enjoyed the first phase of married life I will get in touch to see how you felt everything went and follow up if there are any left payments or issues between suppliers. 

I’m very lucky to have stayed in contact with most of the couples I have worked with, and I feel blessed to get to follow them through other milestones in their lives. 

It would really be an honour to help plan your wedding. 

Xx Karolina


If you have any questions

or would like further information please feel free to get in touch.