Whether it came as a surprise, was a mutual agreement between the two of you or the fifth time the question was asked I want to say:





Finding someone to spend the rest of your life with is incredible and a marriage is a beautiful union of two individuals.

Most likely you are still feeling the buzz and are happily walking on clouds in a slightly distanced world, as you should. When the emotions settle and the beauty of reality hits again there are a few things to do following an engagement.

You don’t necessarily have to start planning the wedding straight away but set some time aside to go through the eight steps below. If not for yourselves so for the people who are going to ask you questions and want to know all the lovely details.

I’m here to give you some guidance in what to do and offer my tips on how to do it.

I. Spread the exciting news

This is the best part because it is the beginning of your journey together.
Tell your family and friends, preferably face to face or by speaking to them directly. Getting an instant reaction from the people you love is a moment you want to experience.
Share your engagement with acquaintances, colleagues and the rest of the world by posting on social media.
Use hashtags like #IsaidYes #SheSaidYes #HeSaidYes and check out forums for newly engaged, there is a whole world for every step leading up to your wedding and it can be both fun and beneficial to check it out.
Be careful not to share too many details of the wedding to the ones around you before the guest list is set; there is no fun in giving hopes and then end up upsetting people by uninviting them.

II. Insure the ring

Firstly, if the ring is too large or too small go back with it as soon as possible. Most places have a policy that they will fix it for no extra (or low) cost within a certain time of purchase.
Secondly, insure it. Even if it is not the most expensive item it will be one of your most treasured belongings and that is worth covering. See with your insurance company what they advice you to do.

Also, learn how to take care of your rings because you will want them to last and stay in good condition.
And remember that if you are not used to wearing jewellery it can feel strange to begin with but give it a chance, it will eventually become a part of you.



III. Set a date

Set the date, or at least decide on a year, as of when you will get married and have your wedding. Sometimes these dates are different from one another; the legal marriage can take place long before the actual wedding celebrations do.
Establish a few possible dates and check with your close ones which is best suitable, or contact your chosen venue to see what their availability is.

IV. Ask for help

Things will get a bit tricky in the time leading up to your day and my biggest (and perhaps most obvious) advice is to contact a wedding planner. Not that you need to hand over your planning completely but to get an initial plan started and speak to someone with great knowledge of the process. There is an enormous jungle of choices and it can be difficult to know where to even begin. Most planners, including KWH Weddings by your side, offer free consultations which is a great opportunity to see what services you might need.
Together with a planner there are endless resources online making the planning easier and I recommend to sign up for one that appeals to you.
Equally important to online services is your personal network of people; don’t be afraid of asking for help and support.

V. Create a budget

This can sound boring but it is oh-so important! Look over your banking and financial situation thoroughly to create a realistic budget.
There are plenty of things to involve in the planning of a wedding and you can never be detailed enough.
I always help my clients in drafting a dream budget beside the real budget to use as a comparison and to stay on track.

VI. Choose wedding party and guest list

Who do you want to be with you on your day?
Choose your bridal party wisely, they will play an important role in your wedding.
You will need trustworthy people that can support you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and even financially. If possible avoid picking people you are not entirely comfortable with and keep in mind that your wedding may not be the occasion to return favours; just because you were part of your friend’s ex’ bridal party does not mean they have to be part of yours.
Creating a guest list takes time and there is absolutely no need to finalise it now however you will need a rough idea of how many people will attend before going forward in sourcing your venue and main suppliers.



VII. Pick a venue

Maybe you already have your dream place picked or maybe you don’t have a clue as to what you want. Whatever it is start looking around and decide on what kind of wedding you want. Be true to yourselves and find something with meaning.

VIII. Start planning

Collect ideas and inspiration to build a picture of how you would like your day to look. Once again, there are endless choices out there today which can be daunting but keep calm and enjoy this process. If you need any help or support we are here.

xx Karolina




I love to hear a good engagement story, please share yours with me.