Proposing at an altitude of 30,000 feet has become increasingly popular. It is rather romantic when you think about it, being asked for marriage in the sky amongst the clouds.

Before considering popping the question make sure you have planned the essentials.


The ring

Keep it close to you and not in the bottom of the suitcase. Go through security safely so the ring doesn’t get you in trouble.

Luxury traveller

If you don’t always splurge on your trip perhaps this is the one moment to actually do it and upgrade your seats, get fast track and pre-order that bubbly. Don’t sit next to the bathroom or have people between you.

Image: Karolina Wahlman KWH Weddings

Image: Karolina Wahlman KWH Weddings


Time it well

While being on a plane makes you let go of control it is still possible to avoid the most turbulent times like take-off and landing, and whenever the seat belt sign is switched on. Don’t do it when your fellow passengers are sleeping on a long-haul flight or in the middle of cabin service.


Pre-order a bottle of bubbly, many arrangements are possible to make before hand and the cabin crew are usually helpful with things like this.

The destination

Do your research and know where you are going, what the easiest way to get there is and reserve a table at a restaurant or gather friends and family to have a proper celebration on solid ground.

Image: Stockphoto

Image: Stockphoto

If you are planning a proposal of any kind and would like tips or help I’m always here to ask.

And if you have any magnificent engagement stories to share, please do so.

xx Karolina