The whole process of planning a wedding, from start to finish, is to be enjoyed and a wedding planner can prove to be invaluable for many reasons.



There are so many services we outsource in our private and professional lives and if you don’t possess the experience and knowledge of how to plan an event I would advise you not to start with trying to organise the biggest day of your lives.

You don’t have to leave everything in someone else’s hands, just find a planner who can be that great point of contact and support you will need; the person who has done it before and knows the trade.

Most of us wouldn’t buy a house without a real estate agent, or invest our money without consulting a broker. Today it is common that we let somebody else take care of the grocery shopping, nannying, cleaning, laundry and cooking in our households. Why should your wedding day be treated differently?

So, step away a minute from the thought that planning your wedding is to be done by yourselves and read on for eight strong reasons why a wedding planner is an excellent investment:


I. It will save you money, energy and time
You are going to have someone you can trust, who supports you, listens to what you want and does everything they can to make your dreams come true. On top of that they stick to the budget and are there to handle contacts and paperwork while making sure you fully enjoy the time leading up to the wedding and the day itself.

II. You will have an agreement
When signing the contract both of us are committing to the terms and conditions within it, which is like a type of guarantee that things will go well and a promise from us that we will make our utmost for your day and happiness.

III. You get help budgeting
Talking money can be difficult and many people worry about the budget from the start. The beauty of a good wedding planner is that they help you with this, they know what needs to be included, where you can save money and will most likely help you avoiding costly mistakes.

IV. A wedding planner is experienced, has done it before and knows the industry
You will receive support and help during all stages, be recommended the best options and provided with inside knowledge. The planner is going to be the to-go to person for your suppliers and vendors, and can also make decisions, be harsh and negotiating in situations you are not comfortable with.

V. You can share your vision
You probably have plenty of ideas and thoughts about the wedding, but don’t have the knowledge, motivation or time to realise them. Sharing your vision with a wedding planner can take the edge off; we can give you great tips and ideas you may not have thought of.
Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life and with the right help it can turn out better than you expect.  
We are working with you, towards the same cohesive goal.   

VI. You won’t have to worry about administrative tasks
Keeping on top of the administrative tasks is a full time job itself and you and your partner will most likely be too busy organising meetings at venues, searching for suppliers and dealing with friends and family to find the necessary time for contracts, payments, final decisions etc. A wedding planner can be your assistant in this and provide you with all run-sheets, checklists and schedules required.

VII. No details will be forgotten
A wedding planner think about and sees things you don’t and can handle what you might not be able to.

VIII. You are supported all the way

The job of a planner is to check everything is running smoothly and to deal with any issues should they arise. Having someone by your side on the day itself can provide a priceless comfort.  A wedding planner will make sure you can enjoy your day, and that is something everybody will thank you for.
On your day you should do nothing else than love, laugh, cry for the right reasons and dance.

xx Karolina



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