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Asking the one you are deeply in love with to spend the rest of their life with you can easily make you a little nervous, maybe that flicker in your stomach appears just at the bare thought of it. It will most likely be one of the most important questions you will ever ask.

The thoughts will wander in your head over how to do it;  you want it to be special but you don’t want to risk making a fool of yourself. I know that some people are finding the question of how to do it so daunting they end up not asking at all.

I wish I could give you a foolproof guide but there are no incredible miracle ways to promise the sweet sound of the answer yes. But please don’t worry, here are five fabulous steps that can help you get as close to the perfect proposal as humanly possible, no matter who or where you are.

I. Be genuine and true

Listen to your heart and make it real. Being sincere is the finest thing you can be and all people appreciate someone who is genuine and honest. Look deep inside yourself and find that spark of joy. What gives you a sense of happiness and what makes you smile? Which personality trait do you love the most in your significant other and what quirky sides does your love have that made you fall for them from the beginning?

Sit back and answer these questions honestly, they will set the ground for the proposal. They show you which direction to take as in how the question will be asked and why you actually are doing it.


II. Do it properly and be prepared.

Successfully popping the question with capital Q requires you to be prepared. Rehearse in front of the mirror, scribble down notes of which words you will use and formulate your speech in your head.
Also, if you are planning to ask for their hand in marriage dress for the occasion, make them feel special and show that you take the significance of the circumstances seriously. Drop down on one knee if possible and look deep into their eyes no matter how teary they may be.

You will thank yourself for having done it well!

3. Make it meaningful.

This is not only about you. You are two in the relationship and you should most definitely make it special according to your better half. Show appreciation and hint that you know them well by, for example, choosing a location that is meaningful to them. It could be their favourite place as kids or you can recreate the setting from an important milestone in your life as a couple.

Image credit:  Zula

Image credit: Zula

4. Be flexible.

Unfortunately, the weather is very unpredictable and being reliant on transportation, exact timings and other people can sometimes show to be tricky. You have to accept that things don’t always go as planned and be fine with it. The key is to understand you are asking a question and that it is not about an immaculate performance. If you manage to go with the flow the result will be magnificent no matter what.

5. Relax!

Sounds easy but is the trickiest of them all. Remember to bring the ring, take deep breaths, speak slowly with a clear voice and make sure to smile. This is a moment to be happy!


I wish you the best of luck and my biggest support!


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Xx Karolina