My name is Karolina and I’m the founder of KWH Weddings by your side. I would like to tell you why I became a wedding planner and share my story.

Photo by Karolina Wahlman

Photo by Karolina Wahlman

To be honest I was never the girl who dreamt of her own wedding, collecting pictures from magazines or dressing my Barbie in white gowns. Actually it wasn't until recently I started to think about what my potential dress will look like (still no idea though).
But I read fashion and interior magazines like a maniac, together with all the gossipy tabloids that featured celebrity weddings and incredible events.
I also loved the now classic rom-com with Jennifer Lopez. She had such nice suits, got to help the brides with misfortunes (please don’t happen!) and decide where the flowers were going. In my eyes she had the perfect job managing a great team and working at beautiful venues with a cleverly packed emergency toolkit (something I still find extremely fun to put together before each event). I wanted to be surrounded by that beauty and ever changing environments, be behind the scenes where the transformation happened.

When I started my first job as a waitress at the age of fourteen I had no idea that it would shape me as it did. I was employed on an hourly basis at a lovely hotel in an old, quite small city in Sweden.
I learnt all the important things (well, all the basics) worth knowing within hotels and restaurants. What I also learned was how fun weddings can be; I had the opportunity to help out with the preparations and put all the tiny details into place. Seeing it all come together after hard work gave me instant satisfaction and taking part in those special moments filled me with so much joy. It still does!

The best part is when I get to be there on the day; helping guests to their seats, checking on the caterers and lighting the candles.
The unforgettable moments before and during any wedding are uncountable, I smile when I think back at the ones I have been fortunate to partake in and I am enjoying every day I work with couples and future events.


When I was young I always helped my parents set the table for dinner and I prepared menus and created invitations to all kinds of parties.

The preparations were many times as much fun as the actual events.

Since I had my first employment I continued to work within the hospitality industry, one way or another. It has been all from the information desk on a cruise boat, festival management and conference coordination to head of restaurant and catering executive roles.
Even if it took me some time to realise it was weddings, and only weddings, I wanted to work with I always had a soft spot for the jobs where I had the chance to organise, plan and execute events.
Looking back I can see how the job positions I have liked the most are the ones where I got to sit and create lists, develop workbooks, make budgets, come up with new ways to organise (such a bore), design layouts and of course to work with people.

Being able to work as a full time wedding planner is my goal and I want to expand my company so we eventually can offer all our couples prop rentals and flower arrangements too.

I adore flowers so together with my certification in wedding planning, design and styling I’m also studying to become a florist.

Weddings makes me feel fortunate because I get to work with beautiful people who are happy and in love. It drives and fulfils med to help them reach their dreams.

I can share my expertise thanks to the experience I have gained from over the years. I know what works and what doesn’t, how things can be fixed and mistakes avoided. I happily stay awake long nights to make sure the schedules and run sheets turn out perfect.
And on the day itself, which is the best moment, I’m there and I feel like a hawk overlooking the venue making sure all details are in place, that the guests are happy and smiling, that the food is on the table, the bouquets in the right hands and that all those other things that can easily be missed, unless you have the eye for them, are taken care of.

I couldn’t feel luckier than to do what I do and I really hope you will consider me to travel this journey together with you because that is what I would like to do more than anything else.

xx Karolina